Savage Testosterone Cycle



sliced fat burner
  • Super-concentrated test formula. Experience the powerful effects of testosterone without a prescription.
  • Elevate physical and sexual performance and experience remarkable body composition changes with Sliced.
  • Expect dramatic increases in strength, muscle mass, sex drive, confidence and clear-headedness.
  • Potent and clinically-dosed. Please do not exceed 2-3 capsules. Take at the same time each day.

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Savage will allow you to experience effects the remarkable performance and body composition enhancing effects of testosterone without a prescription, painful needles or the need to self-inject.


Savage contains a concentrated dose of Gingergenic™ is a concentrated form of Ginger that has been shown in clinical studies to naturally increase levels of free testosterone in the body due to its levels of 6-gingergol, 8-gingergol 10-gingerol and 6-shogao.