Machines vs Free Weights: Which Workout Burns The Most Fat?

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Machines vs Free Weights: Which Workout Burns The Most Fat?

One of the most common questions on the fitness forums and at the gym is whether to use weight lifting machines or free weights in your workout.

There is a lot of advice on both sides of the argument. Lifting weights is said to be more effective for building muscle, while free weights are often claimed to be easier for beginners and easier to learn and make use of.

So what's right for you? Each has their pros and cons, but the most important factor for muscle-loss and fat-loss is intensity.

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1. High-Intensity Workouts

The best workouts will involve high intensity for a short period of time. This means you need to push yourself to the limit.

Each will also aid you in burning fat and for building muscle, and the workouts usually use a wide range of equipment so that you are able to find one which suits your individual situation best.

The first basic workout is usually a high-intensity, 15 minutes session which will burn the most fat-loss and muscle-building protein possible.

2. Traditional Workouts

The next step up from this is a more traditional style of workout. This might take a little longer than a high-intensity workout, but will still give you excellent results.

This style usually involves three rounds of exercises with about six minutes rest in between each set. To work muscles effectively, you need to be able to lift heavy weights over your head and hold the position for as long as possible.

Your muscle fibers tear and are repaired after each set, allowing you to repeat this same exercise for another three rounds.

3. Slow Intensity Interval Training

The third option is by far the most popular. It is the slowest style, but it still gives you excellent results. Slow intensity interval training (IET) consists of two exercises. In the first, you rest for six seconds.

In the second, you perform eight reps of one pound each of eight weight sets. You should not feel tired, but the muscles definitely require a break after the two rounds of exercise.

This type of circuit training is very effective and can be done at home. The training must start slowly, working your way up to the maximum number of reps. After you have completed this amount of reps, you take a short rest.

Then start the circuit again. Make sure you use plenty of rest between each circuit. You can increase the weights or change the exercises whenever you feel you are ready.

4. Circuit Training

Another excellent choice for weight reduction when you want to build muscle quickly is circuit training with weights. The moves you use should mimic real-life weightlifting moves, using the right arm for each rep.

You can use free weights or heavy fitness equipment to mimic a real-life workout. A big, wide-grip dumbbell or a pair of heavy kettlebells are great for high-rep workouts.

You should not leave the weights held in your hands all the time, but use them when you are ready for one-leg curls or parallel bar dips. You may also add some extra resistance by using a heavy resistance band or ankle weights.